Writing a statement addressing selection criteria

How to Address Job Selection Criteria in Cover Letter

Time poor recruiters are looking for the key points in a few words. Introduction If you apply for a role in the Australian Public Service, you are likely to be required to lodge an application that addresses specific selection criteria.

Have I paid attention to the language of the criterion? I regularly use advanced features of the program, such as The more preparation you do, the better your answers will be, says Grant. Below are some guidelines on what to include in the statement you write for each criterion.

It is important that you clearly understand what is meant by each selection criterion before putting pen to paper. Applying for Jobs 2 minutes How to address key selection criteria How badly do you want that job?

Executive Statement of Claims

Bullet points and short sentences are best, says Grant. It is tempting to write a broad response focusing on just one part writing a statement addressing selection criteria the criterion and hope this will get you through. STAR approach As mentioned above, the key to responding to selection criteria well is to address all parts of the criterion, to include the keywords and give specific examples.

Less Important criteria are rated equally and have a lower weighting than Important criteria. An applicant may come up with the following situations which could illustrate their written communication skills: Consider them in terms of: Can you see matches?

Name the document and make sure you include your own name at the top of the page. Ability to apply academic knowledge and concepts to practical situations Situation I have been involved with a local Community Justice Group for the last 12 months. If the right words jump out, your application will be worthy of further attention.

Step four - Expand on your brainstorming ideas - provide the evidence You should then expand upon the points that you have noted as part of the brainstorming activity in step three. Ask if that person would employ you based on your replies to the key criteria.

Take your time and think about what the employer is really looking for. These are a critical part of most government applications and essential to creating an outstanding application.

Employers use key criteria to compare applicants on the same measures. Think of specific examples where you have used your skills, abilities, etc. In doing so, it is important that you are very specific and describe exactly what you did, including the outcome.

You can use bullet points if there is a list of points you are making.

Sample Selection Criteria Responses

Back to top Meeting the requirements For any position advertised in the University, the selection panel is required to assess each applicant in terms of their ability to meet the requirements of the position, including the selection criteria. Go back to each specific criterion and make your final choice on which examples to use, by matching them against the wording of the criterion.

However, this may depend upon factors such as the role being applied for. Step two - Opening sentence When addressing each selection criterion, you should begin with an opening sentence that clearly states your claim to this criterion.

However, your chances of progressing through the selection process e. There is no longer a requirement for applicants to provide a separate written statement addressing all of the selection criteria in detail. Choose the right words When writing a selection criterion response, find one excellent example from your past and demonstrate what and how you achieved a good outcome.

Writing Your Key Selection Criteria Responses

Length Conciseness is important in a document of this type. You can use a heading such as: Choose your words carefully. Make sure that any information you include is directly relevant to the position.Jobs at UWA Addressing the selection criteria.

Further information Your statement addressing the selection criteria needs to demonstrate how your previous experience, skills, education and training have equipped you to meet the requirements of the position for which you're applying.

Follow our 9 golden rules to ace that key selection criteria. 9 golden rules to addressing the key selection criteria for a job - SEEK Career Advice SEEK Australia’s #1 job site. User menu. Show user menu. Show user menu. Job Search; Consider writing a bespoke CV for the job that highlights the key criteria.

Writing Your Key Selection Criteria Responses. Many people applying for government jobs for the first time may not be aware of the importance of selection criteria responses, or how to approach them. These are a critical part of most government applications and essential to creating an outstanding application.

Statement addressing Author: Sue Stevens.

Jobs at UWA

If you are writing a statement of claims against selection criteria as a Word document, list criteria as headings in bold print, and address each criterion in a couple of paragraphs. For criteria with more than one part, eg, ‘Effective written and verbal communication skills’, ensure you address each part.

Selection criteria (or key selection criteria) are standards that job applicants need to meet. Selection panels will: use these to decide who to short-list for interview; base interview questions around the selection criteria. Finding the selection criteria.

statement of claims; employer application form. Cover letter. Writing a good KSC response statement is invaluable in preparing you for the interview stage of the selection process.

Now that you have specific examples you will be better prepared to answer questions about your ability to do the job.

Make How to Address Key Selection Criteria.

Writing a statement addressing selection criteria
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