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We are together for the greater part of the day. But you know I do not like to write letters to you, because I love you and I want to meet you as soon as is possible. The staff of the school consists of twenty members. I also do some tests in these subjects. Whenever I had an issue, I was told that I was not college material.

It is named after the goddess, Sharada. Students are taught to respect each other and to mentor those younger than themselves. Nowadays it is very important to know a foreign language, especially English. The lower five classes have two sections each.

In your letter you asked me about exams. Conclusion My School is a good training ground for me. Not only me, all my friends too like our school very much. My school is the best place in my life I like my school because my teachers are very kind to me My school arranges us entertainment programmes every month I have a lot of friends in my school My school has a very big playground; I play with my friends in it Why I Like My School: She will be well prepared wherever she attends high school.

By the way, what music styles do you enjoy? We have many fun sessions and practical sessions to understand our subject concepts. The name of my school is Don Bosco Secondary School. I walk to my school every day. We begin our lessons at Also, I love the time they put into the children for development and outside activities.

We baked a big and tasty cake.Writing About Your Child for High School College Counselors This is the time of year when high school college counselors kick into gear and send parents a Student/Parent Form to give them a chance to write about their children.

Write an Essay on Your School.

Write an Essay on Your School

Article shared by. Today if there is any institution which exerts the greatest influence on us after the family, it is the school. The years that we spend in school are not merely time spent in learning and filling our minds with knowledge, but also time spent in moulding our character, acquiring various attitudes.

Write a review for your school today and you can help other parents make a more informed choice about which school is right for their family. So, we have always tried our best to study well and write our exams well. My school is known for its best results in our locality.

I am very proud of my school. I like my school very much.

Write an essay on your school

Why I Like My School: (Brief Essay) Your Home Teacher. This High School is situated at Kanakpur in the district of Cuttack. It stands behind the temple of Sarada.

The main road runs before the school.

Write a paragraph on your school.

Related Articles: Essay on my school. Write ten sentences about your school in English or a short paragraph. The best and the easiest way to write ten sentences about your school or collage.

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Write about your school
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