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Whenever current flows through this coil, it deflects from its position depending upon the amount of current flowing through it. This is called conventional flow of current. Determination of Direction of magnetic field around a Current Carrying Conductor.

The direction of magnetic circular line The current in a wire essay upon the direction of flow of current through the conductor. Thus the concept of conventional current flow was adopted. After the development of atomic nature of matter, we have come to know, that actual cause of current in a conductor is due to movement of free electrons and electrons have negative change.

This is because there are more electrons, as there is more room for them. Sometimes, it is only seen as a loss and is trying to be minimized. In other words, the direction of the current continuously changes from forward to backward and then backward to forward in the circuit. Bimetallic plates made of two different metals are used in the circuit.

Factors affecting the resistance of a wire - Sample Essay

There are mainly two popular rules for determining the direction of magnetic field due to a current carrying conductor and these are Cork screw rule and Right hand rule.

Online Plagiarism Checker Factors affecting the resistance of a wire - Sample Essay Resistance is a substance of resisting the flow of an electrical current.

What Factors Affect the Current Flowing Through a Wire?

To ensure the reliability and accuracy of the results, I shall keep the other variables at constant levels. Also, to ensure the fairness of this test, I shall endeavour to make the wire a smooth as possible, as it will be fairly kinky, having been connected to a ruler for several years. The electrical calculation which is used to find out resistance The resistance of an object is determined by the length and the circular area of the object widthand by the temperature and material.

An AC has both forward and backward direction of flow. For examples, the light bulb glows in our house is due to heating effect of current and the fan rotates in our house is due to magnetic effect of current. We abbreviate them as DC and AC respectively.

But it was impossible to change all the previously discovered subsequent rules, conventions, theories and formulas according to the direction of electrons flow in the conductor.

He also observed that when the direction of current in the conductor is reversed, the needle deflects in opposite direction. This heat can be utilized in various ways. A conventional analog ammeter consists of a current coil.

The reading is read off the meter and written down. Various steps are taken to minimize heat dissipation from the conductor. Hence, ideally there is no voltage drop across the ammeter connected in the circuit. I could also change the way in which I measured the resistance. But what about over heating of electric iron?

If we know the time of current flowing, the resistance of wire, and amount of current flow, we can easily find out the generated heat of the circuit.

A pointer is attached to the coil assembly; hence it points the current reading on the dial of the ammeter. This is a long piece of wireit is more difficult for the electrons to get through because of the number of atoms blocking there root For hypothesis 2 The narrower the wire gets the higher resistance.

We know that change of flux linkage induces a voltage in the conductors and the rate of change of flux linkage is directly proportional to the induced voltage. This repeats for all the different lengths. The above expression is used to evaluate magnetic flux density B at any point due to infinitely long linear conductor and this comes as Here, R is the radial distance from conductor to the point P.

When current flows through a conductor some loss occurs and this loss is almost inevitable, and more the resistance of the conductor, more the loss. Hence, atom is in general electrically neutral.

If the current in the conductor varies, it causes variation of flux linkage. Hence, during drift of electron to a particular direction, if 6. Cork Screw Rule If the right handed cork screw is held with its axis parallel to the conductor pointing the direction of flow of current and the head of the screw is rotated in such a direction that the screw moves in the direction of flow of current, then the direction in which the head of screw is rotated, will be the direction of magnetic lines of force.If the current in the loop is in the anticlockwise direction, a north pole is formed and if the current is in the clockwise direction a south pole is formed.

| A current carrying conductor in the form of a rectangular loop behaves like a magnet and when suspended in an external magnetic field experiences force. Resistance of a Wire Coursework Essay.

Electric Current and Theory of Electricity | Heating and Magnetic Effect

Words Nov 28th, 7 Pages. Temperature Length of wire Thickness Type Resistance is a force which opposes the flow of an electric current around a circuit so that energy is required to push the charged particles around the circuit. The Length of a Wire and Its Effect on Resistance Essay - The Length of a Wire and Its Effect on Resistance Introduction: In an electrical circuit, the current (flow rate of charge) depends on the battery voltage that causes the charge to flow through the circuit and the components in the circuit.

Factors affecting the resistance of a wire - Sample Essay Resistance is a substance of resisting the flow of an electrical current. The quantity of resistance in an electric circuit. The relationship between voltage, current and resistance Essay. B Pages:4 Words This is just a sample. Ohms law Electrons Introduction Hypothesis- the thicker or shorter the wire the easier it is for current to flow round the circuit so more current flows through the circuit and so the smaller the resistance (R = I.

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The current in a wire essay
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