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This is the God that directed Abraham to sacrifice his son. These markers are extremely important to human groups. In Food and Culture: We know that culture is transmitted between allies and with trading partners. Culinary history is rife with texts on what foods make you "sanguine", "choleric", "melancholic", "phlegmatic", and so on.

In this article by Marvin, he explores the possible reasons for the traditional aversion of pork within these communities. He suggests that it had to do with deforestation caused by population growth. In the Abominable Pig, Marvin Harris explores the aversion of pork within Muslim and Jewish societies and shows us that there may have been economical and cultural reasons as to why pigs were viewed negatively in Middle Eastern society.

Or perhaps the wool merchants paid off the priests to add that law.

These factors contributing to the possibility of why pig were considered abominations are sensible. But the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was very explicit about taking sides and putting his finger on the scales in favor of his team just as he continues to do on Superbowl Sunday.

However, there is one noteworthy point where The abominable pig by marvin harris essay and Muslims differ as to the treatment of swine. Pigs are not allowed because they satisfy only one part of the formula i.

The rulers of the early Jewish tribes, and the tribes-people themselves, were already familiar with a set of laws, practices, prohibitions, taboos, and stigmas. The laws of kashrut are simply the codification of preexisting cultural traditions of the region. But, while I still believe that it is a strong possibility, in the course of working on this essay I have concluded that there is an even better argument to be made for another theory: Dietary laws and other cultural practices could also have been adopted from neighboring groups over time — be those neighbors friend or foe.

If I were to digress into questions about the existence of God and the validity of Judeo-Christian scripture, I would enter a quagmire from which we would never return. Also, Marvin explains that pigs have been looked down upon in the Middle East because they were not profitable and were very hard to raise.

During this article we also are able to compare this to countries. Firstly Harris points out that divine prohibition is related to economic reasons. I think that the instinct of pigs and other animals to wallow in mud for cooling is fascinating. I am not religious so I cannot be certain about a lot of information explained in this article however, it is interesting as to the facts supporting the possible reasons of the food prohibitions.

If we avoid eating pigs because they are too similar to us, but we also declare them to be abominable, what are we saying about ourselves? Mary presents her case by using diagrams that classify animals in their degree of holiness and by laying the rules which govern the common meal in Jewish tradition.

These reasons show that pigs are not the ideal species for the Middle Easterners and therefore, over a period of time, they were deemed to be abdominal creatures Harris, Can I daddy, can I? This is the God that created Adam and Eve in his own image, then cursed them and threw them out of Eden for disobeying just one rule, just one time.

I believe that economic issues were not a prime concern at that period of time. However, Muhammad approved of the eating of camels because it was important for nomadic tribes to eat camels in order sustain them in their long travels.

Therefore they are unbeneficial not a word for agricultural purposes. For one thing, God created the pig.


This is another extremely modern notion. The pig does not have a sweat gland and therefore it must try cooling itself down to not become over heated. Amby I want to help people realize you are what you eat! At its most basic, there are two classes of reasons why Judaism could proscribe eating pork: Likewise, Marvin also shows that pigs will eat just about anything including their own species and if a famine were to occur, humans would have to fight for these scarce food sources from pigs.

During the reign of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II, a large population of the elites of Judea possibly some thousands of people were taken as captives. Heck, this is the God that went on in the New Testament to have his own son tortured to death.

Marvin showed that eating camels would not have benefited the Jews because they were valuable creatures and eating them would do more harm than good. He says that prohibiting pigs was not sufficiently exclusionary to use as a cultural marker.

Certainly there are some peculiar sounding laws.

The Abominable Pig by Marvin Harris

No Bedouin boys for you, young lady! The camel on the other hand can store water and adapt to harsh weather conditions of the dessert.Writing Assignment: Abominable Pig DUE Sunday (June 26) 8 PM USA EDT In your Food and Culture book, read article by Marvin Harris called "The Abominable Pig." Answer the questions below.

The Abominable Pig by Marvin Harris Essay - The Abominable Pig by Marvin Harris Is it possible that the almighty God is wrong. The bible explicitly states, in no questionable terms that whatever is of the hoof and is cloven footed and chews the cud among animals, you may eat.

Obviously, the pig has fallen short of the statement’s requirements. Obviously, the pig has fallen short of the statement’s requirements, hence the reason why, Marvin Harris author of the article “The Abominable Pig,” has opted to explore the reasons why this is the case as his central argument.

Harris, Marvin. The Abominable Pig.

In Food and Culture: A R eader (2nd Edition), e dited by Carole Counihan, pp. New York, NY. In this article by Harris discusses the reader is able to find ou t the intense loathing for a of pig s in certain religions.

In the Muslim and Jewish religion the pig is seen as the most unclean and despised animal. Why Do Jewish Dietary Laws Prohibit Pigs? By Andrew Sigal | Tuesday, September 22, 12 comments One excellent work on the subject of the prohibition of pigs in Judaism and Islam is The Abominable Pig, by Marvin Harris.

This essay can be found in Food and Culture: A Reader. Harris does an outstanding job covering the background for the.

Writing Assignment: Abominable Pig

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The abominable pig by marvin harris essay
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