Singapore zoo marketing strategies

The "Rainforest Fights Back" show is housed in the Shaw Amphitheatre, the main amphitheatre in the zoo. Organising events[ edit ] There are three events venues in the zoo: Inuka was born on 26 Decemberdied 25 April aged Actors and performers act alongside the animals: Seals and sea lions perform tricks, and pelicans demonstrate how they catch fish in their beaks, while dolphins swim in the pond.

Additionally, with the quick access to Instagram on your smartphone, you can check, share and like information on the go that represents the brand in a positive light.

Instagram Marketing, Are You Prepared? While Instagram can be a great place to show a behind-the-scenes look at your company, it should also focus on what your audience cares about and shares on Instagram.

Everything from stories about the most recent babies to join the world to interesting facts about sloths to draw in new visitors. He was at the Singapore Zoo in to officiate the opening of the Australian Outback exhibit. A photo posted by Adobe adobe on Apr 8, at 9: The Singapore Zoo also caters for birthday parties and weddings.

An example is that of their upcoming th anniversary in May. Both of these companies have done amazing things with their branded Instagram accounts and shared some very useful tips for other companies trying to Singapore zoo marketing strategies their strategy for marketing their brand through Instagram.

When it comes to managing engagement on Instagram, branded Singapore zoo marketing strategies are a great way to track how your audience is responding and resharing content. A video posted by San Diego Zoo sandiegozoo on Jan 14, at 4: They have a whole timeline they are creating for the year anniversary and will be incorporating content from multiple sources to create the best user experience possible for their guests and followers.

Much of the time that the Adobe team spends planning for Instagram content is used to curate the best of the best when it comes to visual content. There are also three cocktail venues: If you were faced with the option of publishing three mediocre posts a week or one impactful, creative post per week, which do you think would best serve the needs of your audience?

Talk about a welcome solution to what is often seen as a saturated marketplace. Instagram like other social media platforms is one that requires attention and creativity to not only capture new followers, but keep their attention on an ongoing basis. They have an opportunity to tap into that creativity not only to feature their audience and get them more involved, but to provide some really killer content for the rest of their audience as well.

Incidents[ edit ] On 7 Marcha black panther escaped from the zoo before it had opened. Today, Instagram boasts over three hundred million users. The team from the San Diego Zoo takes a look at the upcoming week to see if there are any updates planned for release events, baby animals being born, etc.

This serves a couple objectives. Adobe for example, has dedicated a lot of their time and strategy to showcasing the amazing images that other members of the community has taken and then shared them with their followers. The "Elephants at Work and Play" show demonstrates how elephants are used as beasts of burden in south-east Asian countries.

A creative company like Adobe recognizes the opportunity that exists within their community of creative designers. All of their posts are organized in Google Drive to create easy access for anyone that is involved in the process. The Singapore Zoo is the first zoo in the world to breed a polar bear in the tropics.

They also spend time curating user generated content and evergreen content that can be shared throughout the month. You can also follow TopRank Marketing for posts from our team.

Below is an example of how Adobe has successfully executed this initiative: What have you found has worked or not worked with your approach to Instagram marketing?

The San Diego Zoo has and takes advantage of so many opportunities to tell the stories of the beings that they care for on a daily basis. Great visual content on platforms like Instagram present a great opportunity to tell stories that will engage people with your content.

The animal caretakers are referred to as mahoutsand the show simulates how a mahout would instruct an elephant to transport logs or kneel so that they can be mounted.The Singapore Zoo, formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens and commonly known locally as the Mandai Zoo, occupies 28 hectares (69 acres) on the margins of Upper Seletar Reservoir within Singapore's heavily forested central catchment area.

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What Brands Like Adobe & The San Diego Zoo Can Teach us About Instagram Marketing

Conceive and energize marketing strategies for WRS. Provide stewardship in integrated marketing plan to drive attendance.

Singapore Zoo and Bird Park's website are nominated in prestigious International Webby Awards honouring excellence on the internetTitle: Head of Marketing, Wildlife.

Zoo Marketing Strategy 1. Keeping the ‘Strategy’ in ‘Strategic Communications’ is a key to making sure the Zoo is achieving its mission. Singapore zoo Michael Lung. Marketing Nn mi-centre.comas. Cincinnati Zoo: Driving bottom line results with analytics.

Singapore Zoo

Come visit Singapore Zoo within seven days from your birthday (actual day included) and enjoy free admission when you enter with a paying guest.

What's more, get 10% discount at all retail and F&B outlets when you present your admission ticket.

Learn how brands like Adobe and the San Diego Zoo are creating beautiful, bold and engaging content on Instagram. Online Marketing Blog - TopRank® Call Us @ Singapore ZooA Communications ProposalMichael Lung18 December Singapore zoo 1.

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Singapore zoo marketing strategies
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