Should the selective service system be abolished

The stated hope of SSS and DoJ officials at that time was that "an initial round of well-publicized prosecutions" might "generate sufficient registrations to preserve the credibility of the system".

In the event of a draft, the drums are taken out of storage and inspected to make sure they have not been tampered with. Any or all of these procedures could be changed by Congress as part of the same legislation that would authorize inductions, or through separate legislation, so there is no guarantee that this is how any draft would actually work.

One answer is that our military forces are spread far too thin, engaged in conflicts around the globe that are none of our business. A registrant who left the United States before his Order to Report for Induction was issued and whose order has not been canceled.

Should all dates be used, the Selective Service will first conscript men at the age of 20, then 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 19, and So a discussion of military conscription is not purely academic. Congress passes and the President signs legislation which revises the Military Selective Service Act to initiate a draft for military manpower.

Local and appeal boards activated and induction notices sent: They are defined in four classes. However, once this exemption is taken, he can never apply for U.

Selective Service System

And more is wrong with the draft than just that it is discriminatory and totalitarian, subjecting young men to selective slavery on no other criteria than that they are young and male. Although no conclusions were reached, DoD recognized that policies regarding women need to be reviewed periodically because the role of women in the military continues to expand.

So why is the idea of a draft even considered? All parts of the Selective Service System are activated: This process continues until all dates are matched with a number.

When two or more periods of U.

Abolish the Selective Service System

The last prosecution for non-registration was in January Those who passed the military evaluation will receive induction orders. Alien or Dual National: According to current plans, Selective Service must deliver the first inductees to the military within days from the onset of a crisis.

Costs of investigating, prosecuting, and imprisoning violators would be included in the budget of the Department of Justice[ citation needed ]. A Pentagon report stated that draft registration could be eliminated "with no effect on military mobilization and no measurable effect on military recruitment.

Since women are excluded from combat, Congress concluded that they would not be needed in the event of a draft, and therefore decided not to register them. Registrants with low lottery numbers receive examination orders and are ordered to report for a physical, mental, and moral evaluation at a Military Entrance Processing Station MEPS to determine whether they are fit for military service.

To support this claim, the registrant must submit documentation from the diplomatic agency of the country of which he is a subject verifying his exempt status.

Military needs aside, some politicians simply love the thought of mandatory service to the federal government. To many politicians, the American government is America.

Meanwhile, other political and military leaders suggest that several hundred thousand additional troops might be needed simply to restore some semblance of order in Iraq. Congress and the President authorize a draft: Despite these possible penalties, government records indicate that from through there were only twenty indictments of which nineteen were instigated in part by self-publicized and self-reported non-registration.

A registrant, lawfully admitted for permanent residence, as defined in Paragraph 2 of Section a of the Immigration and Nationality Act ofas amended 66 Stat. Physical, mental and moral evaluation of registrants: Ron Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

A lottery based on birthdays determines the order in which registered men are called up by Selective Service. Millions of men subject to draft registration -- myself included -- have refused to register or simply ignored the registration requirement.

He will be eligible for this class only during the period of his exempt status. Draft registration has long since failed, and it is time for even those who support the draft to admit the failure of draft registration. The person is a citizen of both the United States and another country at the same time.

An inductee will have 10 days to report to a local Military Entrance Processing Station for induction. A registrant who has resided in the United States for less than one year.

So many of us did not register -- at least one million in that first cohort alone -- that both the Selective Service System and the Department of Justice recognized in internal documents that were eventually made public in discriminatory-prosecution hearings that it would be impossible to prosecute more than a token few non-registrants.Time To Abolish ‘Selective Service’ It is time to abolish the Selective Service System and resign military conscription to the dustbin of American history.

Five hundred million dollars have been wasted on Selective Service sincemoney that could have been returned to taxpayers or spent to improve the lives of our nation’s. The answer is no.

Selective Service should be abolished altogether. A military draft may lower the government’s cost of going to war, but it raises the cost to society as a whole. Currently all to year-old-males are required to register for Selective Service.

Rather than consider various legislative proposals that would either require women to register for the draft or perhaps even try to bar them from doing so, Congress should take up a bill sponsored by Colorado Reps.

Mike Coffman, a Republican combat veteran, and Democrat Jared Polis to abolish the Selective Service. Davis never registered with the Selective Service System and so learned that he was looking at potentially lifelong consequences.

No access to federal student loans or grants. No federal job training money or certain government jobs. And, in. Also, the system estimated that it would need $ million to perform a draft. The system’s budget now is about $23 million annually. “Not only will abolishing the selective service save the U.S.

taxpayers money, it will remove an undue burden on our nation’s young people,” DeFazio said in a written statement. I urge you to eliminate funding for the Selective Service System, and I urge the President to exercise his authority to issue a Presidential proclamation ending the requirement for young men to register with the Selective Service System for a possible military draft.

Should the selective service system be abolished
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