Saffys angel book report

Meanwhile, Caddy takes her driving test. Instead he suggested asking me and Cadmium to help her make a copy of her picture.

Saffron becomes deeply upset, despite being comforted by her family. Characters[ edit ] Saffron Casson - the main character of the story.

Indigo takes to cooking odd things for the family whenever Eve has forgotten to buy the food. Indigo asked Rose what she would do if her teacher found out that her picture was missing. She listened intently and felt that I should go to Siena to look for the angel. Indigo told me that saffron was yellow, I already knew that, I had searched under the yellows but could not find Saffron.

Saffy's Angel by Hilary McKay - review

For Saffron, his angel in the garden. Sarah meets Saffron and they quickly become best friends. Saffys angel book report befriends Sarah at the start of the novel, and by the end of the book, Sarah is part of the family. Then both of them sprinted home.

Rose refused to budge. She had placed a lot of effort in it. While Saffron searches, the health visitor is checking up on Rose, her new sister. My brother is called Indigo, he is 6 years old, two years younger than me, his eyes are also Indigo-coloured.

Eve Casson - the mother of the Casson family. In fact, her mother, Mrs Warbeck was the headmistress of one of the private schools nearby, the school Sarah attended.

Rose, my baby sister was screaming very loudly as the health visitor had arrived to check on her. They meet up with some girls their age who all have their noses pierced. Indigo scraped it off the wall and commented that her picture was not bad. They discover a locked door and go back very disappointed.

Sarah attends the local private school, of which her mother is headmistress. This piece of art took Rose the whole day to complete. To help Saffron Caddy added a bright yellow square on to the paint chart, naming it Saffron Yellow. After all, that had really helped Caddy to amazingly pass her driving test for the first time, and also to manage to pass her exams to get into university.

However, in the books, after Michael and Caddy admit they love each other properly, and he proposes to Caddy. Indigo has dreams of becoming an Arctic explorer but has to conquer his fear of heights.

And I discovered that mommy eve was not my real mommy and daddy bill was not my real daddy, I was adopted. When he came back, he was the same as he was now. Indigo tried to comfort her. I did not understand how uncaring he could be.

I found Rose on the third row up at the end of the pinks. I disagreed and added that Rose would not be able to fool her teacher with a fake copy. Bill is exactly what the other members of his family are not. She realises that the angel must be in her garden in Siena.

She is always worried about her children when they are out. Her angel in the garden. Sarah is persuasive and knows just how to manipulate her parents. Saffron is delighted to have found the box. I found Indigo on the colour chart immediately.

However, Caddy was very willing to help.Review of the book 'Saffy's Angel' by Hilary McKay: Saffron recovers her inheritance, with a little help from her mad, artistic family and friends. Reader reviewed by Rosie Saffy's Angel is an amazing book.

I'm very glad I decided to read it. You would be too! It is very funny but serious at the same time. How Saffy discovers what her angel is, with the help of an energetic new friend, lies at the heart of this enchanting story.

Saffy's Angel

Unforgettable characters come alive in often deeply humorous and always absorbing events to make a book. Saffy's Angel is the first novel in the Casson Family series written by Hilary McKay.

The book is written about a family and their respective lives. It has been translated into Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish.

Jun 11,  · The plotting is solid, but it's the characters that make this book such a fantastic read. This is the story of adopted Saffy finding her place in her family, sure, but it's also an introduction to the nice, but nutty, Cassons.5/5.

- Anna Ticknor The book Saffy's Angel, By Hilary McKay, demonstrates the importance of trust, acceptance, and family values.

Theme The theme of the book Saffy's Angel is to learn to accept peoples differences and not judge them based on their disabilities.

Saffys angel book report
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