Othello rough draft

Thus Rodrigo, unlike Othello, is generally regarded as weak and dishonorable. You do not need to use all of the words from your pasage; be selevtive, but at the same time, make sure you incorporate some words to accompany your visual. It is due at the end of the period. Like Oedipus had no choice in in killing his father and marrying his mother, and how Owen had no choice in sacrificing himselffor the Vietnamese kids, Othello has no choice in destroying his life.

In both works, the characters have no choice in following the will of the gods, because it is assumed that the gods know what they are doing.

You will be in the computer lab, completing a poetry scavenger hunt for our next unit. Also keep in mind the placement of the words you choose.

Please make sure you are cooperative and helpful to the sub. Instead of accepting that he can never have Desdemona, he asks Iago, the controlling force in the play, to change his fate.

From the moment Iago convinces Cassio to drink at the party to when Iago confesses to all that he has done, Othello does not have control over his destiny. Instead, the fate of Othello is controlled by a man, one who most definitely has very bad intentions.

It is a blog belonging to Mac Zor. Also unlike Iago, he is honorable and compassionate, and, when he realizes the truthabout what has happened, he accepts it.

Othello, like Oedipus and Owen Meany, is noble because he has no control over his destiny and he accepts that; Iago is evil because he tries to play the respective parts of the Greek gods in Oedipus and the Christian god in Owen Meany. Use shapes either hard or soft ones to suggest a particular mood.

For example, anger or rage or frustration may be better represented by pointy shapes, while love and support and forgiveness may be equated more appropriately by something softer and rounder.

Shakespeare is playing with one of our greatest fears in Othello - that we have little or no control over what happens to us. Rodrigo, in sharp contrast to Othello, does just the opposite. To emphasize a particular symbol, find a number of pictures of the same item, cut them out and paste them together for a special effect.

Like Oedipus at the end of his play and Owen throughout his book, accepting that he has no control over what happens to him is what makes Othello noble.

Iago, however, is nevertheless still only human, but by attempting to elevate himself to the status of a god he loses his compassion but does not gain a sense of right and wrong. Collect some things you might use and then start experimenting before you actually paste anything down.

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However, in Othello, fate does not mean so much the idea that your destiny is predetermined, like in Oedipus Rex or A Prayer For Owen Meany; fate in Othello is more the idea of how little control we actually have over our own destiny.

He is bound by his sense of honor and his inherent insecurities to trust Iago and lose his faith in Desdemona. If you say, for example, that Othello is intelligent, explain what you mean by that.

We will be in the computer lab next Tuesday to work on revisions. By acting as a god, Iago loses his humanity, and thus becomes more evil. In Oedipus and Owen Meany the higher powers are regarded as unfeeling, unknowable forces that lack human compassion but have an unquestionable sense of right and wrong.

All he is left with is great power and great anger, and that can only mean doom for all those around him. To evoke a deeper meaning, try cutting out different shades of one color; find items in a magazine that have similar colors and combine them together for a more textured effect.Othello's soliloquy in Act V, before he kills Desdemona, bears many parallels to the speeches made by Iago throughout the play.

Othello, like Iago, objectifies Desdemona several times, first refusing to spill her blood, for fear of ruining her “smooth as monumental alabaster” skin.

Sample Othello Essay

Othello is seen as the epitome of all that is good and holy. He is an honest man who fights for the state of Venice.

Period 1: Here’s my revision The citizens of Venice view Othello not only as an honest man who fights for them, but as the veritable epitome of.

Rough drafts of Othello literary analysis are due on Monday. 'Zine Work Days -- Due date is Friday 01 May. Before turning in your 'zine, fill out the self-evaluation. seven statements about othello Below are seven statements about the play -opinions, not facts, that have been voiced by various critics of the play.

Topics for an essay on mi-centre.com 4. Write a rough draft for an essay that parallels the NYT Greenblatt article. You may use sentence starters as highlighted in the article. Come to class with a rough draft on Google docs. You'll have 45 minutes to revise your writing.

This is in lieu of a 5 paragraph essay. Othello is a Moor, but he fits the description of powerful person in a tragedy. Othello, the Moor from North Africa, is a foreigner, but he is a soldier who rose through the ranks to become a well-respected General – which is also an imitation of life.

Othello rough draft
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