Multiple lawsuits filed against ford for firestone tire accidents and deaths

But the issue they cited had nothing to do with the misapplication of the G on motorhomes; rather it pinned blame on disproportionate front axle weight distribution, cargo and improper tire pressure—or, put simply, user error.

McDaniel obtained a defense verdict after a week long jury trial in Thibodaux, LA. The RV swerved to the right, off the freeway, over an embankment, before skidding along its side and coming to a stop.

February Keith W. When the Explorer goes out of control, it is more likely to roll over than a passenger car, and when it rolls over, its occupants are likely to be injured. He added, "Those factors combined are simply a recipe for disaster.

Supreme Court Writ Denied October Lawson then underwent several surgeries and therapy, and claimed at trial to be permanently disabled from her job as a court clerk.

InKurtz launched a second court battle on behalf of the Haegers against Goodyear in Arizona state court, where he started peeling back just how much the company knew about issues with the tire. The case involved an accident with Winnebago causing two deaths and a broken neck in a third person.

She did not stop, and the operator of the truck, who happened to be a retired Baton Rouge police officer, gave chase. Morvant when she approached the vehicle immediately after the wreck, Plaintiffs alleged that Mr.

In a four-day span during Augustone vehicle owner reported experiencing two tire blow-outs; the second incident sent the vehicle flying into oncoming traffic. Friedman which was intended to demonstrate feasible alternative designs.

Photo provided by David Kurtz Federal complaints filed on the G show drivers have reported experiencing blowouts as far back as The nearly foot-long vehicle then hit a direction sign, slid across the entranceway for a rest area, and struck a second embankment, before finally coming to a stop.

Daphne Leray, et al. The jury returned a unanimous verdict after two hours of deliberation. The opinion can be found at http: Martin Edgar, et al.

Ford/Firestone Rollover Deaths

Supreme Court case, the G is still on the road today. The recalled defective Firestone tires had an average tread separation claim of But on the return home for the Alabama family, the vacation took an abrupt turn for disaster.

Adams allowed the vehicle to drift off the roadway onto the gravel shoulder on the right, before overcorrecting to the left, losing control and skidding across the roadway into a ditch on the left side of the highway. Still, Kurtz is hopeful.

Shortly after leaving, Shell rear-ended a pickup truck at highway speed while still in Baton Rouge. Instead, Nissan presented evidence to show that the modeling was inaccurate and scientifically unsound.

The verdict was overturned on unrelated grounds and a new trial has been ordered. Plaintiffs sued Ford and alleged that the side airbag system was defective in manufacture, design and due to inadequate warnings. Department of Justice for a possible criminal investigation.

He just wants the world to know about the tire and get them off the road. I think they will. The plaintiff was a brain damaged quadriplegic. Despite the sprawling legal battles, RV forum discussions, publicity, and a U. Ford also disputed Mrs.

It even eclipses the defective Firestone tires that ensnared Ford in a nationwide scandal some 20 years ago. She alleged that a tire on the vehicle failed, causing her to lose control of the vehicle and subsequently roll over.

NHTSA — Tires: Tread/Belt Problems

McDaniel and Quincy T.The Woods’ case is just one of at least 41 lawsuits filed over An investigation by Jalopnik found at least nine deaths and Kurtz included statistics from the August Firestone tire. Products Liability Litigation – Case Results. Cassidy v. Ford Motor Company the occupants of a Ford Explorer involved in a rollover after Martin Edgar lost control of the vehicle after its Firestone tire lost its tread.

All six occupants of the five-passenger Explorer filed suit against. When a group of attorneys were selected that engineered the resolution of lawsuits involving Ford Motor Co. and Firestone Tire Rubber Co., the resulting litigation was an example of an auto defect.

The Woods’ case is just one of at least 41 lawsuits filed over the last two decades against the tire company that pertain to the G The G story has parallels to the massive Ford/Firestone scandal of the early aughts.

Similar to Goodyear, both Firestone and Ford executives “fought allegations of tire defects and SUV rollover. Ford Explorer-Firestone Tire. the number of lawsuits and Explorer rollover accidents had reached such a critical mass that local media in Texas, California and Florida began to investigate and contact.

This lawsuit is the first ever filed by CAS against auto/tire industry companies and reflects our concerns over the design of these. Oct 27,  · Firestone CEO, former workers answer questions in tire lawsuits family members and victims of accidents blamed on to consolidate about 60 lawsuits filed against .

Multiple lawsuits filed against ford for firestone tire accidents and deaths
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