Marks spencer pestle analysis essay

PEST analysis can be used in order to determine the most important issues for the company.

Also it is required to analyse the macro environment on an on-going basis, to take into account the mutual influence of environmental factors to assess from the point of view of several experts, in order to avoid subjective opinion.

The main reason for the study of the economy — is to create a picture of the distribution of resources at the state level, which is an essential condition of the company.

Economic factors of the company determine future economic outlook and industry growth. Policy study for Marks and Spencer is essential because it regulates power, which in turn determines the environment of the company and getting the key resources for its activities.

The Company owns more than stores, of them are in the UK, and the remaining are in 40 other countries, as stated in Marks and Spencer Official Website. The last factor is the technological component for the company.

UK government has adopted health regulations, environmental regulations, and safety issues.

For the company, in assessing the macro environment it is important to avoid problems such as severe reduction in the number of data used for decision-making, the difficulty to allocate the most influencing factors in the coverage of a large volume of data, misinterpretation of test results, the inaccuracy in the results of the analysis.

Also, the issues raised in the PEST analysis, include short-term orientation of organizations, that is, studies only, subject to availability of funds, that no significant effect in strategic planning; disapproval and lack of understanding of the analysis; complexity analysis for diversified organizations, as stated in Pestle Analysis for Marks and Spencer.

It is important to note that for the company, technological factors include research, automation, development, and the latest technological trends, as stated in Marks and Spencer — PEST and Information Systems case study. PEST represents political factors, economic factors, social factors, and technological factors.

It is essential to highlight that political factors reflect the role of the government in determining environmental regulations, taxes, industry investment norms, establishing labour policies, and other. The goal of his research is considered to be the identification of trends in technological development, which are often the causes of change and market losses, as well as the emergence of new products, as described in Quality and Innovation.The pestle analysis helps us to understand the external environment of Marks and Spencer better.

POLITICAL – The door for British Companies was opened to invest in Europe due to the Free Trade Agreements and European Integration.

PEST analysis for Marks and Spencer

In Plan A Marks and Spencer has taken internal analysis, which is also called SWOT analysis. This is a very important part of business development.

SWOT analysis is a simple structure for generating strategic alternative from a situation analysis.

Marks and Spencer Report The retail industry is a very dynamic and fast changing sector as it is constantly trying to appeal to customers and compete with competition.

It is regarded as highly commercial; driven by sales and profit. The SWOT analysis report for Marks & Spencer essays the detailed business case covering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this retailer which puts customers at the heart of all business and holds 17% of.

Marks & Spencer is a British retailer with over stores in more than 30 countries around the world. It is the largest clothing retailer in the UK, aswell as being a food retailer. Most of it’s domestic stores sell both clothing & food, and since the year Marks & Spencer have started to.

In the current essay we will review PEST analysis for Marks and Spencer. PEST represents political factors, economic factors, social factors, and technological factors.

To start with, it should be noted that Marks & Spencer is considered the largest British clothing manufacturer, and 43rd in the list of the world’s largest retailers.

Marks spencer pestle analysis essay
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