Marketing the new beetle

S must be credited to the memorable advertising campaign created be Doyle Dane Bernbach Inc. The problem… The positive press coverage alone would not be enough to sell The New Beetle. The campaign captured the unique essence of The Beetle with simple and humorous ads.

Marketing of the New Volkswagen Beetle

They hoped to design a new product under a four-design model: This way both segments can purchase the car. The older generation may prefer cars with more seating such as mini-vans. Shortly, the new beetle puts the original things in a modern package. However, given the past success of the Beetle as well as the current scenario inpositioning of the brand is a key problem.

Now, the company should make a six month advertising campaign using print as well as television media. The company should allocate more money in the first 4 months and then less in the next 2 months towards the advertising expense. The advertising campaign can try to bring old memories of the parents of this group and how they valued the car.

VW tried to use the good relationship with dealers and journalists to get some data supporting the research. The new beetle… More than 10 years after the classic Beetle was first sold in the American market, the VW staff began considering the idea of designing a new beetle as a way to offset slumping sales of the VW franchise.

Thereby all those things forced the management team in bringing the car to the market. Vanzura, the Marketing Director of Volkswagen is faced with the difficult task of deciding what really is the target market for the new Beetle.

Would it be a broad advertisement? But instead should create ads which salute the old generation but appeal to the young generations.

Marketing the new Volkswagen Beetle Essay

While if we see the other brands from Japan, VW is more drivable, more substantial, more individual, and more spirited Kelly, According to the former experiences, VW had seen sales in the United States decline from over half a million cars in to less than 50, cars by The cautiousness of American costumers when buying imported cars; the shortage of parts, and constant repairs made foreign cars a luxury few could afford.

This car had been an unexpected star at that show. Therefore VW should come out with a new design of Beetle but still had the originality senses.

Marketing the New Beetle

Finally, the brakes were up-graded from drum brakes to four-wheel disc brakes to improve its safety. It would be larger and more spacious than the first concept design.Marketing Strategy of Volkswagen Beetle 1.

VW will stop making the Beetle amid slumping sales

The New Beetle Case Study GROUP - 7 2. One of the worlds leading automobile manufacturer and the largest car maker in Europe is in a financial crisis in in the US automotive market due to declining sales. Marketing Application Project Volkswagen New Beetle by Nichole J. Thurm Principles of Marketing Dr.

Steve Corbin December 10, Sep 13,  · The company has touted the upcoming I.D. Neo hatchback to be rolled out in as the new Beetle for the electric vehicle age. U.S. sales of the Beetle slumped to just 15, inless than.

Marketing win: VW Beetle

Volkswagen New Beetle, Marketing Case Study - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or 1/5(1).

Marketing win: VW Beetle Guest post by Elizabeth Stearns, senior lecturer in marketing, UW Foster School of Business When the Beetle was first introduced in the early s, people would joke that you could go up a hill or you could have heat in. Marketing the New Beetle The original Beetle was first produced by VW in midwhen Ferdinand Porsche began drawing up plans for “volksauto” people’s cars.

The Beetle was launched in America as a single product success in and it rapidly attracted a group of followers.

Marketing the new beetle
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