Learning english through social issue

However, for the pedestrian in a hurry may be dissatisfied about the blockage of road.

This may affect the desire of shopping of some customers and reversibly disturb the business. If they are going to close this all the heart in Hong Kong, it would affect the culture in Hong Kong.

Continual noise and crowds from the street performer bring them nuisance, which may cause insommia to them. This reflects the danger of jammed street to the urgent needed people nearby. For the shop owners, there are different viewpoints towards the pedestrianisation policy. March 4, Written By: Some shop owners welcome the policy because it can attract more people to the street, and hence to the shop.

The government should put the most concern on them. Since the street performers can till perform on street and show their talents, and the local culture can be sustained while the residents and shop owners will have a better livelihood and be less annoyed from the crowded street performances.

For some leisure pedestrians, they think that the street performers can bring more entertainment to the pedestrians, which can light up the atmosphere and also bring peace to them. The pedestrianisation policy has stirred up so much controversy among the city, since this policy is contributed to different groups of stakeholders, even every Hong Kong people will be contributed in it.

I think the most influencing stakeholders are the residents as they may live there for a whole life. On the other hand, the street performers stand on the side of endorsement, as the people-only streets can provide a stage for them to do performances and it is a platform for them to make their dreams come true.

There are also various views among the pedestrians towards the issue. First of all, there is a hostile of consensus among the residents toward the pedestrianisation policy. Therefore, they vote for the support to the pedestrianisation policy.

They will be resisted by the blocking of road.

The district councilors voted 24 for, with one abstention, to limit the pedestrian zone to weekends and public holidays on 10 December in response to complaints from the resident who are unhappy about the growing number of performers and hawkers on the street. This will finally affect their health if the situation occurs continually.

There has been an increasing number of street performers doing cultural or promotional activities and they often bring entertainment to the pedestrian.

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While some shop owners think the pedestrians may block the entrance and occupy some pavement. The performers who may not have the chance to show off themselves on television, can show their talents on the street.

To conclude, since the policy contributes to different groups of stakeholders, I also think that the government should balance all their opinions, especially the most influencing stakeholders by the policy.

Since they may not have enough rest, it will easily lead them to depression or anxiety.

This will also affect their work performance or study. Lastly, the tourists give support to the pedestrianisation policy. Moreover, the crowds on the street can be a danger to the residents, also the pedestrian walk nearby.Learning English through Social Issues - The Student Union Election You are going to write an article about words for a topic related to student union election.

DSE, Learning English through Popular Culture, Learning English through Social Issues, Writing Writing Prompt: Letter to the Editor (Gaming Youtubers) [vc_column_.

for Learning English through Social Issues The resources presented here are meant to be examples to show the types of activities/materials that can be designed and developed to help students to work on the various focuses of the module in the Suggested Schemes of Work for the Elective.

Learning English through social issue March 4, Written By: 4A Kwong Ka Wai 0. 1. Dear Editor, I am writing to express my opinions to the pedestrianisation policy in Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mong Kok. There has been an increasing number of street performers doing cultural or promotional activities and they often bring entertainment.

Learning English through social issue

Learning English through Social IssueYou are the Chairperson of the English Debate Team at your school. Your team is going to take part in a debate competition, and you have to prepare a debate speech. You are the first speaker on your team, and the motion is ‘Teaching Chinese History is the best way to enhance the knowledge of.

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Learning english through social issue
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