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Without the existence of a solid and broad foundation to support it in the first place, any change action is unlikely to gain strength and survive for the long term.

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For example, next generation leaders are not willing to take risks of to overcoming complacency and it causes complacency to exist all the time.

Select network Management theory has many big names in it, and John Kotter is one of them. Kotter emphasized that during this phase, a good leader should be able to identify and remove any obstacles that may stop the change from occurring.

Identifying and discussing threats and opportunities; discussing crises, potential crises. Managers must combine leading and managing, maintenance and change, and the use of hierarchy as well as personal networks.

The problem with this approach is that it is enormously difficult to enact by sheer force the big changes often needed today to make organizations perform better.

These changes result in greater speed and less stability that demands more from managers, particularly Kotters leading change essay bringing about change reengineering, restructuring, restrategizing, quality management, culture change, mergers and acquisitions.

But in almost every case the basic goal has been the same: The leader Kotters leading change essay also need to work with policies or structures within the organization that are not allowing the change to occur. Kotter suggests that leaders should be in position to communicate the Kotters leading change essay in five minutes if need be and also elicit understanding and interest from the audience.

However, by strong leadership is not necessarily meant the leadership by a Moses-like a figure who can lead thousands of his followers across the desert of tough times and into a promised land of plenty. A good vision acknowledges that sacrifices will be necessary but makes clear that these sacrifices will yield particular benefits and personal satisfaction that are far superior to those available today — or tomorrow — without attempting to change.

It is wrong to associate leadership with giants and larger-than-life characters. Third, it helps coordinate the actions of different people, even thousands and thousands of individuals, in a remarkably fast and efficient way.

However, leading is different from managing. Further, the vision clear and concise a vision be, the better. This sense of urgency serves to unite upper management in a coherent goal.

To see that the pace of change does not outpace our capacity to deal with it, leading change becomes a paramount concern for entrepreneurial individuals and the top management of an organization.

By incorporating all levels of employees with needing to change the model can work effectively for the whole organization rather than on those who do most of the work.

Kotter developed an 8-step process of overcoming these common mistakes: But above all, it should appeal to people and connect with them. The organizations we work in are changing dramatically, in terms of their strategies, their structures, their systems, their boundaries as well as their expectations of their staff and their managers.

Without clear, focused leadership that sets an example of personal commitment, most change efforts will fall short of expectations. Then author describes the qualities that leaders should possess and also explains how proper leaders spend their time in effective way.

In order to get people motivated, they must be shown a reason, and a really convincing one, for doing things differently.

Kotter says that only recently new leaders are developing quickly. As an example we can mention here that leaders tend to motivate people and managers are rather used to take control and solve problems.

Thanks to continued learning and education leaders become better leaders, it is important to learn constantly. Conclusions This model identifies the way in which change needs to be though about. After having observed and analyzed the many difficulties associated with change efforts, he distilled the common themes, which are the errors enumerated above, and turned them around to comprise a prescriptive framework to lead change.

Change is occuring Once employees are aware that the change is occurring the change can begin to occur. The cause of change should draw to itself as many people, adherents and proponents within the organization, as possible. Failing to create short term wins 7. As change within an organization can be difficult it is important to establish a vision for that change.

At this point the employees within the organization should support the change and their behaviors should begin to adjust. But just as a relatively simple vision is needed to guide people through a major change, so a vision of the change process can reduce the error rate.

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This book might help the leaders and managers responsible for providing changes in organizations. With sufficient expertise it is possible to eliminate these errors altogether. And yet this happens all the time, even in some well-regarded companies.

This is a very necessary step to convince people that maintaining status quo is more dangerous than taking a relatively risky leap into the unknown.

Leading Change by John P. Kotter

Failing to create a sufficiently powerful guiding coalition 3. We will write a custom essay sample on Leading Change by John P.Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and John Kotter’s Leading Change Essay - Business is a vital component of our modern world along with its continuous growth.

Strengths of Kotter’s change model. The step by step model ensures it is easy to follow, implement and achieve As it involves engaging activities and focus is largely on buy-in the support of the various stake holders rather than the change itself.

Kotter developed a model for change inside of organizations that focused on the individual, which stands in contrast to the structural and cultural theory that preceded it.

Leading Change by John Kotter Essay

This sample research paper is a great read on Kotter's model of organizational change, so feel free to give it a read.5/5(1). Leading Change Introduction By definition, change means transformation, modification or variation. Change entails the introduction of new ideas and or ways of doing things in the organization.

Mathis and Jackson argue that planning and the implementation of the same previous plans, is also a crucial ingredient to leading change (36; ch.

2). Essay Leading Change by John P. Kotter - Leading Change by John P. Kotter Introduction of author John P. Kotter, a worldwide famous expert on leadership at Harvard Business School, was a graduate of MIT and Harvard.

He joined the Harvard Business School faculty in and who was voted tenure and a full professorship at.

InJohn P. Kotter’s Leading Change became a best seller; it advocates an eight-step program for organizational change that was embraced by executives around the world.

In this book, the author also outlines his vision for .

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