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Large areas under forests may be submerged under water. Moreover, land is also required for pastures, housing, infrastructure etc. These worlds bring an extra 35 million hectares under irrigation whereby per capita food grain consumption would be doubled in spite of the increase in population.

Interlinking of rivers will generate employment opportunities all over the country especially in agriculture sector, power, transport and construction works. Country is already facing a dispute interlinking of rivers essay writer sharing of Kauveri river water. This will further create employment, boost crop outputs and farm incomes and multiply benefits through backward farm equipment and input supplies and forward linkages agro-processing industries.

This would give an impetus to the industrial sector as well. More inland water ways can be developed, and thereby transportation costs will reduce. Aquatic organism which are not adaptable to the temperature, chemical, nutrient change will find it difficult to survive, as interlinking will change the nature of water for them.

Baylor university admissions essays usna admissions essays dissertation findings notes english writing essay educational goal. The project envisages the building of many dams, canals and tunnels with some of them having high lifts upto m.

We have gross sown area of million hactares, after interlinking we will have million hactares area under irrigation. Interlinking of rivers can solve this problem as it reduces the dependence on rainfall.

Interlinking Of Rivers Essay Writer

The displaced people in Narmada Valley project are still suffering. Pros Of Interlinking Of Rivers In India Total irrigation potential of the country will increase from million hactares tobringing additional 35 million hactares of land under irrigation. The area which is flood prone has increased from 26 million hactares at the time of Independence to 50 million hactares today, even after constructing huge dams.

Fishing might get affected. It includes two components: Small decentralized hydro projects will generate local employment, provide power to remote areas, and are friendly to the environment.

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This causes siltation problem in downstream regions. Again to put this collosal amount in some understandable proportion, we can contrast it to the Tehri Dam, which cost Rs.

Therefore, Government has identified 14 Himalayan rivers, 16 Peninsular rivers and 37 intrastate rivers having potential of interlinking. Above all migration from rural areas will reduce which would reduce congestion in urban areas.

Daedalus and icarus ovid analysis essay. The plan is aimed at ending the flood problems of the Gangs and Brahmaputra and at the same time solving the drought problem in southern India by diverting surplus water of the snow-fed rivers to the rain fed Peninsular river. Finally financing of the project will not be so easy.

Not just India, but many countries are working on water transfer projects from many years.According to some scientist’s monsoon rains come all over the country at one and the same time, hence interlinking rivers may cause floods.

Then rivers like Ganga and Brahmaputra are international rivers, hence consent of adjacent countries like Nepal and Bangladesh would be a necessity for the completion of the completion of the project.

National River Linking Project: Dream or disaster?

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Interlinking Of River In India – Pros And Cons – Full Analysis

Interlinking of rivers – A different view The Supreme Court issued a judgment on 27 th Feb to the Government of India to implement the scheme to interlink rivers. In the Philippines, particularly in Pasig River is considered as one of the Worlds’s contaminated rivers now.

The United Nations Development Programme article entitled “Beyond scarcity: Power, poverty and global water crisis; said that the pollution load in Pasig river today accounts for seventy percent of human waste.

Insights MINDMAPS: “Rejuvenating and Cleaning the Ganga” and “Interlinking of Rivers”

Interlinking Of River In India – Pros And Cons – Full Analysis – The idea behind interlinking of rivers is to transfer water from surplus region to the deficient one through a number of link canals.

– The idea behind interlinking of rivers is to transfer water from surplus region to the deficient one through a number of link canals. Insights MINDMAPS: “Rejuvenating and Cleaning the Ganga” and “Interlinking of Rivers”.

Interlinking of rivers essay writer
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