Hurricane katrina a disaster waiting to

Yet this framework does not address the conditions of a catastrophic event with large scale competing needs, insufficient resources, and the absence of functioning local governments. Heading out to the barge through one canal, he says, "I used to be able to spit to the mud on either side.

Consequently, some of the specific procedures and processes of the NRP were not properly implemented, and Federal partners had to operate without any prescribed guidelines or chains of command.

This resulted in confusion over roles and responsibilities between National Guard and Federal forces and highlights the need for a more unified command structure. Within the next couple of months, emergency food services closed; within five or six months depending on the case FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency benefits were depleted.

Even with the small projects made possible by these dollars, Louisiana scientists predicted that by coastal Louisiana would lose another 1, square miles of marsh and swamp, an area the size of Rhode Island. That year Congress passed the Flood Control Act of which, among other issues, gave authority for design and construction of the flood protection in the New Orleans metropolitan area to the United States Army Corps of Engineerssubject to cost sharing principles, some of which were waived by later legislation.

Katrina caused eleven tornadoes in Mississippi on August 29, some of which damaged trees and power lines. President Bush says there will be more in the near future.

On August 29, at 7: This is an important step toward achieving unity of effort. Often, government agencies failed to match relief needs with NGO and private sector capabilities. In Hurricane Betsy put parts of the city under eight feet of water.

However, FEMA regional representatives diverted these generators to hospitals. The nightmare scenario predicted by many experts had come to pass. And because of a damning confluence of factors, the city is sinking further, putting it at increasing flood risk after even minor storms.

And if sea level rises substantially because of global warming in the next years or so, numerous low-lying coastal cities such as New York would need to take protective measures similar to those proposed for Louisiana.

Drowning New Orleans

Scientists at Louisiana State University L. The pumps serve another critical function. Our processes for unified management of the national response; command and control structures within the Federal government; knowledge of our preparedness plans; and regional planning and coordination.

This lack of coordination at the Federal headquarters-level reflected confusing organizational structures in the field.

Local, State, and Federal law enforcement were ill-prepared and ill-positioned to respond efficiently and effectively to the crisis. In comparison, it took six months to remove the estimated 20 million cubic yards of debris created by Hurricane Andrew.

But the arena quickly proved inadequate for dealing with thousands of evacuees. In addition, this review should clarify responsibilities and procedures for handling inquiries regarding affected foreign nationals. The lone road exists only to service a collection of desolate corrugated buildings where oil and natural-gas pipelines converge from hundreds of offshore wellheads.

Search and Rescue After Hurricane Katrina made landfall, rising floodwaters stranded thousands in New Orleans on rooftops, requiring a massive civil search and rescue operation.

Using established Federal core competencies and all available resources, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, in coordination with other departments of the Executive Branch with housing stock, should develop integrated plans and bolstered capabilities for the temporary and long-term housing of evacuees.

Third, if such interstate mutual aid proves insufficient, the Federal government, having the benefit of full transparency, must be able to assist State and local governments to move commodities regionally.Chapter Five: Lessons Learned. This government will learn the lessons of Hurricane Katrina.

We are going to review every action and make necessary changes so that we are better prepared for any challenge of nature, or act of evil men, that could threaten our people.

Chapter Five: Lessons Learned

plus additional disaster-related assistance. Hurricane Katrina produced. Oct 22,  · Still Waiting for FEMA in Texas and Florida After Hurricanes. Image. FEMA became the face of the bungled federal response to Hurricane Katrina, and the.

No matter their age, race or religion, the people of this city pretty much agree that referring to Hurricane Katrina as a natural disaster is naive, even ridiculous. They all know it was a three. A decade later, is our nation better prepared to protect children from disaster? Our expanded annual disaster report card finds some important progress.

But far too many serious gaps remain. Our children, still at risk, deserve better. Download the Report. Hurricane Katrina may have been 10 years ago, but for these young survivors, the. Hurricane Katrina was a long-lived hurricane that made landfall three times along the United States coast and reached Category 5 at its peak intensity.

The storm initially developed as a tropical depression in the southeastern Bahamas on August 23, Two days later, it strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane a few hours before making its first landfall between Hallandale.

Drowning New Orleans. New Orleans is a disaster waiting to happen. The city lies below sea level, in a bowl bordered by levees that fend off Lake Pontchartrain to the north and the Mississippi.

Hurricane katrina a disaster waiting to
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