Hr planning at qantas

InQantas was facing critical challenges. The issue of culture shock is one that BHP has considered carefully. Because of the personal and dramatic effect that health care has on the individuals in the community, the community itself is the major stakeholder.

How HR helped to transform Qantas

Ian Jackson, head of international operations, was an integral part of the team that developed a wide-reaching strategy that has resulted in the transformation of the business, outstanding financial results, high customer feedback and record levels of engagement.

How has Qantas handled this? We supported leveraging what has been a wonderful tradition and commitment to the organisation with a new energy and commitment to becoming a more efficient and dynamic Qantas through engagement initiatives, a focus on communicating honestly with our people, and continuing to support important development initiatives for our leaders and teams.

Stemming from that, four issues will rise for BHP: There are also diverse markets, values and social systems. In the commercial teams, we are re-examining how we develop people and ensuring that all development is supported by a strong learning culture, clear capability and performance frameworks at all levels.

The one-day training program, which cuts across all teams — from cabin, airport and ground operation teams — has ensured that an integrated approach moulds every facet of employee training. As in the past, greater demands are being put on experienced health care workers to supervise and adequately prepare the undergraduates, as well as workplace training after their placement into the health care system.

This presents a problem, in that the skill levels of the local market are way below what international and BHP standards. In this respect, it is looking internally for its future human resource needs. Unfortunately the labour is usually not skilled to a level that BHP or the international market requires.

As a teenager, I enjoyed my economics class more than any other, and my astute teacher suggested that the HR aspect of a workplace may be suited to my interest in people.

This aims to ensure that globally diverse leaders, even in remote areas of the world, all behave in a manner that models the BHP Billiton Charter, and encompasses the BHP business strategy. The ability to undergo and retain knowledge during training of host country employees is often at a lower level than expatriates expect.

BHP also addresses the issue of its international managers operating in a cross-cultural environment. How critical has HR been in this transformation? Qantas has had a remarkable turnaround in the last 12 months or so, both financially and also in terms of reputation.

The recruitment of overseas health professionals increased the burden of supervision on existing medical workers.

How did Qantas improve its human resources management?

Here is increased control within each of these sub-specialities, which decreases the numbers of health care workers in the traditional general health care roles.

The emphasis will need to be on a new way of working, while still retaining the traditional values that society expects. We have a very clear and well-understood change management approach at Qantas, and at the very Hr planning at qantas of that approach is a commitment to understanding the impact of change on people and how we can develop people to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Community expectations are traditionally very high in Australia. My role is to enable this vision by leading the people agenda to drive a high-performance culture with a real commitment to a strong performance and capability framework.

The AEC have been successful in providing a significant level of flexibility, particularly for flight crews. Increases of recruitment of nurses to the general sector left shortages in the acute and specialised areas. My team is committed to achieving high engagement through a focus on coaching, feedback, development and a positive employee relations environment.

This has four phases: Tutorial support is provided by tutors. Ageing, environment and lifestyle have caused an increase in chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Increasing workplace safety With the changes to work practices at QANTAS, as well as the ever increasing concerns world wide about safety and terrorism, QANTAS are aware that the future workforce must be trained in different aspects of safety and security. The demand for health care workers The highest ranked factor for the increase in demand for health care workers is the changing population National Health Workforce Taskforce A decline in service standards has put increasing pressure on health care professionals to improve the standards, and perhaps even raise the standards to a higher level than was previously acceptable.

QANTAS also recognise that women, in particular, but all workers in general, have family commitments, and that these irregular hours impact on their life and family responsibilities.

The issue of training and evaluation across different cultures is being addressed by BHP in its first standard of human resource strategy: Nurses are taking on some of the doctors roles.

Human Resource Management, 6th ed.


All the organisations look at the environmental factors when planning their long-term human resource requirements, including economic, social, demographic and technological factors.QANTAS STRATEGY HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection "To be the World's premium & low cost airline" August Underlying Profit Before Tax of $95m.

QANTAS human resource planning strategy To provide for a flexible workforce, QANTAS have implemented a strategy coordinated by the Alternative Employment Committee (AEC). The AEC have been successful in providing a significant level of flexibility, particularly for flight crews. InQantas was facing critical challenges.

Increased competition from domestic and international airlines, record fuel bills, and a high Australian dollar had resulted in significant losses for the company. How did Qantas improve its human resources management?

By Bianca Healey. 28 November, HR strategy, planning and. The Qantas Airways is the largest airline in Australia. Its Human Resource Management operates in the company in four major areas, which are business segments, corporate, shared. How HR helped to transform Qantas. HomeNews. by HCA 03 Dec More stories about change management.

What will be HR’s main disrupter in ? Good planning without good working is nothing. Or so Benjamin Franklin would have us believe.

HRD TV. Play. The key to. So once this new strategy was agreed, following the steps of the HR Planning process Qantas would have reviewed the external and internal environmental issues along with the new company strategy, and forecasted the future labour force needs.

Hr planning at qantas
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