How to write a good issue paper conclusion

Explain your point of view. Telling your warrants and backing them up is optional.

Who is your audience? You may phrase this as a question or a statement. Write your position idea.

What basic needs, values and beliefs do you share? Women are better employees than men. Generally, the introduction will end with your claim or thesis sometimes this will be the opening sentence, or you may put a question which is not fully answered until the conclusion.

Read your sources and decide on a claim statement. Conclusions can use some of the same techniques that you use in your introduction.

She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. What other positions are there about this claim? Explain why your position is better. Examples of needs and values that motivate most audiences: However, often a position essay is going to draw on evidence like statistics, expert opinion or case studies.

Choosing a Topic Position papers can use any of the other essay forms like definition, description, and cause, evaluation, argument or problem solution. Here are some questions that can help you define your audience for your position paper, and also find out what common ground you have with them: Another tip I often suggest to students is printing out your paper and reading it aloud or having someone read it to you.

Your sub-claims should be three or more reasons why the reader should believe your claim. Peer Editing Questions Have one or more classmates read your paper and answer these questions to help you to write your final draft.

Easy Steps to Write a Position Paper

What do you want to know more about? Do prewriting about your audience see questions below.A term paper is a major assignment given to the student at the end of a course, and its success is crucially important for a student to obtain.

Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier.

You want your reader to finish reading the essay and believe that your position is better than other positions on the issue. Although you may mention other points of.

How to write a good issue paper conclusion
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