Historical perspective of nigerian politics

Many traditions try to answer the question of origin by providing stories of migration either from within Nigeria or distant places such as Egypt and Palestine. In many areas, they organized themselves into large caravans with many traders traveling at the same time, paying tolls, and eventually establishing trading colonies.

Is it then not a truism the statement of late General Agbazika Inih, former military governor of Kwara State who once said that; " A man with big head can as well have nice legs, if you concentrate on the big head, you overlook the nice legs.

Nigeria is not a nation; it is a mere geographical expression. This is especially true when the implementers of the developmental effort have no long-term interest in developing the area.

It must be a bond of amity, friendship, and mutual protection. These varied groups with different languages, cultures and political practices were all brought together under British rule to form an entirely artificial nation.

Some politicians in Nigeria claim to be altruistic and engage in reactionary recourse to religious fervor as a means of either holding on to power, or as an instrument for political ascendancy. The full weight of the law should be visited on any community where any Corps member is attacked or killed for whatever reason.

The state and national governments have independent bases of authority.

Historical Perspective On The Niger Delta

Benin reached the height of its power during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with Oba Ewuare c. It is on this premise that it becomes pertinent to remind the agent provocateurs that no one has a monopoly of violence.

He is careful to portray the complex, advanced social institutions and artistic traditions of Igbo culture prior to its contact with Europeans. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Among the communities living along the coast and river banks, fishing was a major activity. Calabar was and still is the capital city of the Efik State of the old Calabar Kingdom. Based on the recommendation of a Presidential Task Force popularly known as the 1.

This paper undertook a historical overview of the development of the local government system in Nigeria, especially fromwhen Nigeria became a federal unit that is North, West and East. On a final note, for the NYSC scheme to accomplish its stated objectives, given the prevailing circumstances in Nigeria, the government should look into the following suggestions among others already proffered by Nigerians: Before Islam, his people regarded him as semidivine, with the attributes of a god.

Nigeria: Politics And Historical Perspectives (1)

Inthe post office of Lagos Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria which had the Western, Central and Eastern Divisions in its administration were amalgamated. Although colonial rule appeared secure in the first two decades of the 20th century, the British struggled to keep control of their Nigerian colony and continued to do so until Nigeria became independent in The unique characteristics of the Niger Delta region have made occasional and uncoordinated development efforts difficult, expensive, and unsustainable.

Most nation-states avoid centralisation because it inhibits the active International Journal of Advanced Legal Studies and Governance Vol. To prevent any united opposition to its authority, the British adopted a divide-and-rule policy, keeping Nigerian groups separate from one another as much as possible.

They were simply, so far as each other was concerned, distinct independent sovereignties doing business in their own way. But, with the re-emergence of civilian regime inthe former arrangement was adopted. In order to fully understand those developments, however, you need a wider historical viewpoint.

To illustrate these stories with one example, the Hausa who live in the north of Nigeria date their beginning to one Bayajidda, a prince of Baghdad who traveled to Daura in Hausaland to marry its queen. A good example of non-centralized societies is provided by the Igbo, who were divided into many patrilineal clans, each with its own founding ancestor.

Because Western education and Christianity spread rapidly in the south and not in the north, development was much slower in the north, and the growing disparity.

However, inthe post office began its career as a department of the British or the United Kingdom and in that year, Lord Colchester directed that the Consul of Lagos be appointed as a collection agent for the post office of the United Kingdom in Lagos.

Recorded history shows that the Calabar Kingdom was the first Kingdom to use a money system in trading in West Africa. It should be noted that when the British gained enough maritime and gun power to conquer Nigerian city-states, she not only colonized the Nigerian people but also the interpretation of the history of the Nigerian people.

Sea salt was obtained in the coastal area by boiling sea water to obtain the salt sediment and in the semi-desert area by leaching saline soils. Yet another great empire in southern Nigeria was Benin, one of the earliest to rise in the coastal area.

International Relations in Historical Perspective, M.A.

A government is deemed federal if it meets the following three structural criteria: It was also successful in creating a formidable military machine, based on cavalry, and its administration was intelligently structured.

It enabled them to dispose of surpluses, make specialized objects available to a wide range of consumers, and share products of different ecological origins.


Hardly could any political issue, irrespective of its frivolities, be resolved without reference to the power at the centre. It was officially colonized on January 1,when it became a British protectorate, and part of the British Empire.The Nigeria Report is an online community of reporters and social advocates dedicated to bringing you news reports from a Nigerian perspective.


BOOK REVIEW: Nigeria’s Politics of Last Resort

Christian C. Ezeala, PhD, AMLSCN, MICR, CSci (UK), MRSNZ (Chartered Scientist, Fellow of African Scientific Institute, Fellow of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research. A short Chinua Achebe biography describes Chinua Achebe's life, times, and work.

Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced Things Fall Apart. BOOK REVIEW: Nigeria’s Politics of Last Resort From a historical perspective, the page-work traces the character and content of conflicts in Nigeria to the very faulty colonial fabrics.

Igbo omen and Political Development in Nigeria:W Historical Perspective Uduma, D. O. Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria E-mail: [email protected] ABSTRACT This work is an historical exploration of Igbo women in political development and in key governance positions in Nigeria.

Nigerian politics. Without doubt, politics is still. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Public Housing Delivery Strategies in Nigeria: A Historical Perspective of Policies and Programmes | While decent housing is important to every individual and.

Historical perspective of nigerian politics
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