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We shall not facilitate, advice, or otherwise help customers evade taxes or duties. We are curious, bold and responsible. You only share information with those who has legitimate and relevant business need. You always consider the consequences that the loss of or damage to data may have.

You provide correct and comprehensive information as a basis for reporting. This applies to both external requirements and internal regulations, such as agreements, policies, standards, instructions, processes and procedures.

You have the right to refuse to work in hazardous situations.

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We make decisions even though the picture is unclear. You do not misuse insider information and show due care when trading in financial instruments. You are familiar with and follow established rules for reporting within your area.

You immediately report breaches of information security. This is why ethics is very important. We take responsibility for our actions, admit when we make mistakes and then learn from them. The document is divided into four chapters: We use simple language and are predictable in our actions.

You are familiar with and follow established rules and procedures for the handling of customer complaints. You report suspected tax evasion.

Being curious means that we seek new knowledge and learn from our experiences, so that we continuously gain new insight. You consult a specialist or superior if you are in doubt.

We thrive in a changing world. In DNB, we shall seek to avoid conflicts of interest. Business conduct, which describes how we should act in a business context. All notifications shall be treated with respect and be taken seriously, and retaliation is not acceptable in connection with notifications or whistleblowing made in good faith.

Discrimination is defined as unequal treatment based on gender, age, ethnicity, cultural background, religion, social affiliation, disabilities, sexual orientation, marital status, or political beliefs.

You are familiar with and follow established rules and procedures for procurement and competition. The Code of Conduct does not always provide specific answers to all questions, but should serve as an ethical guide to help us make the right decisions and choices. You both give and receive feedback with the intention to make improvements.

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We find good solutions together. This includes all properties, equipment, systems, and the like, owned by the Group. In some cases, even stricter rules must be followed. We listen to those who have opinions and insight about what society expects of us. Privacy protection and professional secrecy apply in all contexts, both at work and in private.

This should be reflected in everything DNB does, including investment and financing activity, to ensure that DNB is recognised as a responsible player in society. Customer data shall be protected, and DNB shall not expose customers to unnecessary risk. In order to maintain this confidence, security and the protection of customer assets shall be given first priority.

You are familiar with and follow relevant laws and regulations for your unit. You never share personal data or confidential information unless the recipient has a rightful and work-related need for such information. Introduction, which describes the principal expectations and scope.Free SME CCRA Report Download the CCRA Free Report Request Form.

2. Fill in the form and select the services you need. 3. Email or fax the completed form with authorized signature (or your company stamp) with the documentary proofs to [email protected] or 4. Submit the completed original application.

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Dnb free business report
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