Climate and culture at tata motors marketing essay

In this case the idea struck in the mind of our Chairman when he saw a family of four a man, his wife and two kids riding on a scooter on a rainy day. Tata Motors in case of Nano developed a portal, which got as high 30 million hits even before the launch of the car.

Product design was choked for options because of the price target. While heavy trucks ply on the highways, research showed the need for a small sub one-tone truck for intracity and truck terminal-to-nearby locations connectivity.

Four other areas of innovation are: This process has now been replicated by many other organizations too. Suppliers were challenged with the stringent cost target given to them, but they accepted the same and the result is in front of you.

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The vehicle offered 4 wheeler functionality at 3 Wheelers price. It is the largest deployment of a customer management tool across the automotive world till date. The unconventional design features used in the vehicle were: Putting them into challenging assignments and giving them International exposure — Key projects like ACE and NANO are examples of some challenging projects which constituted of young leaders and engineers.

Innovation lies in reaching the right customers always and communicating in a simple and effective manner. Engine was packaged on the rear side. This is only possible if innovation is led and supported well from the top. The price of Nano got fixed at Rs 1 lakh. Tata Motors in the past has adopted several innovative means to leverage its human resource capabilities for achieving extremely challenging goals.

This has created a culture of exploring various innovative ways to achieve excellence in all the organizational processes. The Ace helped in meeting that last mile distribution need with emergence of Hub and spoke transportation model in India.

Conscious of the fact that demand for such cars would be substantial from the remotest corner of the country, the sale of form for booking were facilitated through several banks.

Indica in the late 90s This was the first indigenously designed passenger car in India and it was innovative in the sense that it provided more value for money in terms of internal space comparable to the Ambassador which was the benchmark in the country for internal spacecontemporary features comparable to Maruti Zen and all that at a very competitive price.

It requires assigning challenging tasks to the team, but with sufficient empowerment and encouragement given to them. New insurance schemes were co-designed with the insurance companies, and now we are in the process of enhancing the sales and service network for better reach and service to the customers.

Target Cost approach — which involved breaking down the cost targets to sub-system and then to component level. This was made possible through series of innovative ideas which led to acquisition of 37 patents by Tata Motors.

This process was started some 20 years back and has progressively created a pool of very strong and effective leaders who have proven their capabilities in some very challenging assignments given to them. After the launch there were another 30 million hits in less than a month.

It will create a new benchmark in India in terms of power, speed, carrying capacity, operating economy and trims and a new experience for the drivers in terms of drivability and comfort.

This helped the customers in becoming more aware of the product features.International Strategic Issue Of Tata Motors Marketing Essay. Nottingham Business School. CIISM (BUSI ) assignment.

Critical analysis of the international strategic issue of Tata Motors Ltd. to set up a dealer network in entering the South African market. climate and culture affect needs. For example, in countries like China and Russia.

Innovation In Tata Motors. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: and requirements of customers in India and Britain will be varying in different terms because of the differences in the culture, climatic and economic conditions. Marketing Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Marketing Essays Examples of Our Work Marketing Dissertation.

Organizational Change and Tata Motors This is the case about Tata Motors India s largest automobile company, with revenues of Rs.

32, crores USD Free Essay: Established inGeneral Motors (GM), with its headquarters based in Detroit, Michigan was one of the world's largest automakers in the.

People are persuaded by marketing, and so far Tata has not done a good job in this department. You want use the fact that it is so cheap as a huge selling point, but you cannot forget that you also have to appeal to a buyers wants as well.

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Climate and culture at tata motors marketing essay
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