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Price I recommend that the price remains the same as while looking on the internet, spas of very similar size appear to be retailing at a similar or slightly higher price. Its pricing strategy is price skimming as it is an exclusive product so the company can afford to have a high mark up.

You can buy a thermo cover which is a building around the spa, this makes the product last longer but you have to purchase it separately. Subsequently distribution of the spa is selective and this emphasises its exclusivity and justifies the premium pricing that has been adopted.

The company, Tiger River Spas, has a website so people that have access to the internet, can research the product, at a convenient time as the internet is available 24 hours a day, also by having an online presence they have a wider target audience, but the down side is that the product cannot be purchased online.

From the primary and secondary research I have done I have found out that the product is sold by a very well established company Hotspring spas and does not need Business studies coursework questionnaire have a great fear of the competition as they appear to leave the market just as quickly as they enter.

I think the product will be even better if Tiger River in there brochures and on there website state what percentages of sales revenue is donated to the world wildlife fund. If I had to re-do this course work I would try and use a larger sample size, as this would make my results more accurate and easier to analyse.

In my opinion the product is close to perfection! Evaluation In the current marketing strategy the product is sold at a very competitive price that is suitable to the product.

Example business studies questionnaire.

Competitor analysis Competitor 1: They have also chosen to advertise on prime time T. Also other product distributed by Hotspring spas. I recommend Business studies coursework questionnaire potential customers are told how much percentage of the money they pay for the product goes to the world wildlife fund as this could be a big factor in whether they purchase the product or a competitors product.

Currently they are not a very well known or popular company in the British market. My second recommendation is that on the brochures and the internet site they should state how much percentage of the selling price goes to the world wildlife fund.

Therefore I found it quite easy to get information about the product as I knew who to talk to and where on the internet to look for more information. Product I recommend that the actual physical product is not changed as from my research the nine people that were survey that also owned the product all feel it is safe to use and only one person feels it does not represent value for money.

The weaknesses of my coursework are that I only had a small sample size due to the fact that not many people I knew had heard of the product so I had to ask the company Hotspring spas if they could get people to complete my questionnaire so my results might be slightly biased as the customers are likely to know of the product and the staff work with the product on a day to day bases so also know a lot about the product.

It is targeted at affluent people who like to relax, and also have high disposable income. I also believe that it will have a very long life cycle and most likely will not reach the decline stage of the product life cycle.

It has 26 jets in total and its size is 2. Promotion The company relies on word of mouth as its main method of promotion, this is because it is a very exclusive product and only people that have high disposable would be able to purchaser the product.

This could be for various reasons that are more than likely to be out of the control of the manufacturer. The product has a very appealing USP.

Therma spas — park avenue five person spa Strengths The product has been advertised on T.

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As tiger river is distributed by the largest established spa dealership in the UK, which has around 20 showrooms some of which are in large garden centres and 4 distribution centres.

Another threat to the tiger river Bengal is the competitors such as Sundance spa, arctic spas, mermaid spas and the various other spas companies in the UKalthough they do not appear to around for long and artic have recently had to close a few showrooms due to financial difficulties.

Currently if you live in the UK the product can only be brought from Hotspring spas. Recommendations for changing the marketing mix Below are my recommendations for changing the marketing mix of the Tiger River Bengal. The product comes in four different colours, Dark blue ocean wave, Sand, and Marble with redwood or coastal grey corresponding cabinets.

The product is designed for use by no more than 5 people at a time. Weaknesses The down side about the product is that it is slightly smaller than the Bengal meaning if u had all six people in it you would have less space than in the Bengal.Business Studies Survey Template is designed with questions that help a business/organization/ brand understand how consumers view their products or services.

This questionnaire is for respondents to make their voices heard and opinions valued and for organizations to take this feedback and implement any changes that could help their business grow.

Sep 16,  · Questionnaire for Business studies coursework? Hi i need some people to fill out these questionnaires for my coursework, you are not helping me cheat or anything i just need about 20 answers to this questionnaire for my course Resolved.

We ask them all to do a questionnaire and / or interview befo We're using these resources to support delivery of the controlled assessment (May ) with our Y10 at the moment. They've chosen their task and business and are now conducting their research. Edexcel Business Studies Controlled Assessment.

18 customer reviews. Author /5(18). Dec 31,  · What are the limitations of questionnaires? (Business Studies Coursework - Marker Research)?Status: Resolved.

I am doing this questionnaire about Tiger River Bengal for my business studies coursework. I would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions. Thank you for your time.

GCSE business studies coursework

Questionnaires are one the main tools in the use of field research. A questionnaire contains a series of questions which gather primary marketing research data for the business. Questionnaires need to be designed carefully. The design of the questionnaire depends on the following: Objectives of the.

Business studies coursework questionnaire
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