As applied science coursework

Graduates of this program pursue careers in education, government, As applied science coursework, and business organizations. Areas of study typically include computer literacy, mathematics, communications written and oraland social sciences. Developmental or other non-credit coursework does not apply toward graduation requirements.

Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems This is one of the most popular online associate degrees available. South Texas College will accept a maximum of 90 semester credits of applicable course work transferred from another accredited college or university toward a Bachelor of Applied Science degree granted by STC.

Typical topics covered in this program include accounting, finance, human resources management, communication, product management, As applied science coursework management, small business entrepreneurship and business management.

Online Associate of Applied Science Degree Programs Associate of Applied Science in Accounting Given that much, if not all, of its course curriculum, can be hosted on the internet, the Associate of Applied Science in Accounting is one of the most popular of all available online degree programs.

However because an AAS is intended to prepare students to go directly into the workforce, these programs typically require the completion of 60 to 80 credit hours instead of 48 to 60 credit hours.

The program provides a multi-disciplinary, experiential and applied education that develops student comprehension of key ecological and social issues in food and agricultural systems and includes problem-based and hands-on learning. Students planning graduate study should consult with an academic advisor prior to undertaking this degree program.

Common topics addressed in this program include wireless network systems installations, hardware troubleshooting, software analysis and basic programming, data management and web development.

Some of these credits may count only towards the elective requirement within the BAS degree. Please note that determination of current transfer work for these concentrations may impact course requirements.

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration This flexible degree program is ideally suited for aspiring business professionals and managers who are seeking to increase their skill set or are looking to position themselves for entry-level managerial, operations, finance, bookkeeping or other business-related positions.

Technical Specialization The technical specialization component of the AAS is designed to ensure students acquire the professional skills, knowledge, and experience required to become proficient and employable in their desired career field or discipline.

Applied Science

When enhanced with a strong business foundation, students also learn the application of general management, critical thinking, communications, and problem solving skills in a technical environment. The capstone course enhances the educational experience and employment potential of students.

Courses in the technical specialization are determined by a student career path, field of study and discipline. The degree develops practical workplace competencies that meet current and future challenges through real world coursework utilizing personalized academic mentoring and tutoring.

General education courses will help students to develop critical thinking, problems solving, communication, and foundational computing skills, as well as the ability to efficiently process quantitative data.

General Electives The general electives component of an AAS program provides students with the opportunity to select courses of professional or personal interest. The degree plan outlined is based on a student who transfers in a minimum of 30 credits from a completed AAS degree.

Application requirements are included in the description below. Students who do not meet the 7 year rule may be eligible for an Admissions waiver if additional criteria a are met. Most programs require students to complete coursework in general education, technical specialization, and general electives and are typically required to earn a minimum number of credits in each area.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS Degree)

All technical courses specified in the selected program of study must be completed to graduate. However, smart students will sit down with a school guidance counselor to determine which elective courses will best support their desired career path.

Culinary Management The Culinary Management concentration provides culinary students and those working in the industry with the strong business background needed to excel in the workforce.

Bachelor of Applied Science Requirements Application Requirements Demonstrate proficiency in state mandated general knowledge content through approved means; i.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership

Applicants with prior college level coursework must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2. The AAS in Computer Information Systems CIS program is designed for working professionals and adults who are interested in acquiring the skills necessary to launch a career in information technology IT or positioning themselves for advancement opportunities in their current career.

Information Technology The Information Technology program provides students with the skills required to design, develop, deploy and maintain modern business computer systems and applications. Admissions As a prerequisite to enrollment in the BAS, students must be at least 7 years out of high school and have received an Associate of Applied Science AAS degree from an accredited two-year institution in an approved area of specialization.

The BAS articulates well with specialized Applied Associate Science AAS degree programs, providing a streamlined path to completion of traditional academic requirements leading to the baccalaureate degree. It is designed primarily to deepen student knowledge in an academic area and foster critical thinking, analytic reasoning, and an ability to synthesize information.

Most schools also require students to maintain an overall GPA of 2. The coursework focuses on team building, ethical decision making, enhanced communication skills, critical thinking, and people skills. Completion of 30 credit hours in level courses or higher of which all 30 credit hours must be completed at STC.Students beginning the Bachelor of Applied Science upper-level coursework after completion of an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will have fulfilled the Core Curriculum requirement for bachelor degree students.

Applied Science, BAS

The Vantage One Applied Science stream includes coursework in foundational engineering, chemistry, math, and physics. Placement into second-year engineering programs will be based on an evaluation of your first-year averages and a personal statement.

APPLIED SCIENCE ASSIGNMENT 2 TASK 1(A) Experiment on diffusion Aim: to determine diffusion (in ordinary tap water). Apparatus: beaker, potassium permanganate and tin foil.

Method: I filled the beaker (half) with ordinary tap water and I released the potassium permanganate into it from the thin foil. A2 coursework- The effects of bile salts. An Associate of Applied Science, AAS Degree, is a two-year undergraduate degree similar to the Associate of Arts (AA) and the Associate of Science (AS) degree.

The AAS is an associate degree and is offered at most two-year community colleges, technical colleges, and vocational schools. All universities offering Forensic Science degrees (or Forensic Biology/Chemistry or any science degree course with “Forensic” in the title) will accept the Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science or the Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science (Forensic Science) as entry qualifications.

Applied science

The B.S. degree in Mathematics is designed for students who want to pursue occupational careers involving applied mathematics or want to prepare for graduate work in applied mathematics. the physics requirement in the lower division core may be replaced by appropriate coursework in the second major.

Mathematics/Bachelor of Science.

As applied science coursework
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