Arguments for and against gay marriage essay

However, your sexual orientation is.

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Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

This means that when a majority of Americans vote to prohibit same-sex unions in their state, that decision should stand. Sin destroys, so the same compulsion that drives us to save our neighbor from poverty and injustice ought drive us to help them escape sin.

Nero fiddled as Rome burned; meanwhile, Teetsel blogged about same-sex marriage. By Murray Lipp 6. Saint Paul taught in the Epistle to the Romans that the natural law is inscribed on the heart of every man.

In a polemical statement like this, it is possible that one or another formulation may be perceived as excessive or ironic. All men are created equal, so the right to marry should also be the same Brumbaugh, Simply putting a measure on the ballot, or getting a law through the legislature to overturn such decisions has not worked, because they run afoul of state constitution requirement for equal treatment under the law, and are therefore promptly struck down again.

But does that mean the discomfort of some gays to heterosexual couples should be a reason to deny heterosexuals the right to marry?

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It was passed anyway, and the change in the attitude of the clergy there has been dramatic -- a survey conducted in indicated that 89 percent of the Danish clergy now admit that the law is a good one and has had many beneficial effects, including a reduction in suicide, a reduction in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and in promiscuity and infidelity among gays.

Efforts to legalize same-sex marriage, however, simply aim to provide same-sex couples with equal access to marriage laws -- there is no intention to change the fundamental definition of marriage as the legal union between two adult human beings who have no direct biological connection with each other.

This is instinctual and goes right to the core of our being as primates. Two individuals of the same sex, regardless of their race, wealth, stature, erudition or fame, will never be able to marry because of an insurmountable biological impossibility.

That particular Buddhist sect claims many more members in Hawaii than does the Mormon church. If concern over the "slippery slope" were the real motive behind this argument, the advocate of this line of reasoning would be equally vocal about the fact that today, even as you read this, convicted murderers, child molesters, known pedophiles, drug pushers, pimps, black market gun dealers, etc.

If our partners are arrested, we can be compelled to testify against them or provide evidence against them, which legally married couples are not forced to do. Accordingly, anyone who professes to love God must be opposed to it. All Receive Failing Grades!

And the notion that a gay man might rape him is an instinctual fear. Heterosexuals may still marry and divorce at will - entirely unaffected by the institution of gay marriage. This is morally the weakest argument.

Bowers, the notorious Supreme Court decision that upheld state sodomy laws until the court reversed itself in Lawrence vs. If married heterosexual couples have these rights, so should homosexual couples Brumbaugh, Talk about judicial activism! Marriage is a sacred institution and gay marriage violates that sanctity.

It also denies the specific primary purpose of marriage: How about Deuteronomy Should any form of that love for one another be discouraged? The concept of not denying people their rights unless you can show a compelling reason to do so is the very basis of the American ideal of human rights.Our courts, which have mishandled abortion, may be on the verge of mishandling homosexuality.

As a consequence of two pending decisions, we may be about. Ten Arguments From Social Science Against Same-Sex Marriage The following are ten science-based arguments against same-sex "marriage": 1. Children hunger for their biological parents.

Thus, gay activists who argue that same-sex civil marriage will domesticate gay men are, in all likelihood, clinging to a foolish hope. This foolish hope. Here is a list of all the arguments against gay marriage without any supporting evidence: Social Arguments: Men and women are equal.

Gay marriage lowers the status of women. “No one ever died of gay marriage,” he argued. It is unlikely that “number of deaths prevented” is actually Stearns’ metric for determining the legitimacy of a vocation.

The 3 Arguments Against Gay Marriage That May Decide It Once and for All

Surely he recognizes the mundane contributions of faithful Christians in education, law, engineering, art, and a thousand other fields as legitimate whether or not. Nov 19,  · Why religious people are against gay marriage. By Steven Waldman.

Is the institution of marriage really at stake? Mormons, traditional Jews, and Muslims share two fundamental antigay arguments. It is these concepts and beliefs that are commonly the focus of arguments for and against the issue.

The Top 10 Arguments Against Gay Marriage: All Receive Failing Grades!

Because everyone is brought up to believe and hold valuable different things, it is most difficult to say in moral terms what is right and what is wrong. 11/8/06 Argument Essay Same-Sex Marriage: Not a Match for Society Marriage, as defined.

Arguments for and against gay marriage essay
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