An analysis of the book doing what matters by james kilt

When you came to Gillette, you were faced with a dizzying amount of options about how to improve performance. Using the force of your personality and ideas to infuse people and an entire organization with a sense of purpose and mission.

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And, again, we took action and broke through and made a significant difference with a huge product success in DiGiorno. During the quick screen process we focused on the essentials the market position, the brand equity, growth prospects, cost-elimination potential, and other factors.

Everybody in the organization knew that this reorganization that had just been completed was not working, but nobody wanted to take action. Gillette, with just five product lines, had over 20, SKUs. So, what we did was began to invest in brand building, both at Nabisco and at Gillette, and those things significantly turned around the trends that were in the business.

One of the courses that a lot of people were suggesting that you take was to sell the Duracell business, which was badly underperforming at the time. Essentially, quick screen requires that you reduce a problem or an issue to its simplest elements and strip out all the extraneous factors.

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A good illustration is Gillette. How Kilts got Gillette off the dime to pare down the number to 7, almost overnight is an astonishing example of getting the rubber to meet the road-with enormous benefits to the business.

And we reached the conclusion that Duracell was a keeper and it ultimately became a key part of our turnaround at Gillette.

And the best thing a manager can do is take uncertainty out of an organization.

Doing What Matters

They must also know they can be part of the process. In this vivid first-person account he reveals his system for success that is both cutting-edge and back-to-basics. What are those principles?

The ability to face the unvarnished truth about yourself and your business and using what you see as the basis for action. Like Good to Great, by rigorous analysis, of decline uncovered An analysis of the end of the innocence in fighting a defensive war in vietnam in the four-year research project behind this book.

Does Phrygian Thaxter purge its borates optimizes municipally? I use the example of my first days at Gillette to illustrate how I identified what matters in turning around the company. In this case, we came up with an action plan that really reinvigorated the Nabisco sales force.

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My Account. Doing What Matters by James Kilts. Doing What Matters by James Kilts. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Joyce’s symbolic themes also exude from his fourteen other short stories that make up the rest of Joyce’s book, Dubliners, to.

His new book Doing What Matters provides a fascinating glimpse into the philosophy of a legendary CEO. Mr.

An analysis of the book doing what matters by james kilt

Kilts recently spoke with Edgewise, to overcome a state of ongoing protracted analysis. A good illustration is Gillette. We had about 21, different product varieties, and for a company of our size, that was just excessive.

Doing What Matters—the action plan for identifying and tackling what's important and ignoring the rest—is the key to winning in a warp-speed world where the need for revolutionary speed and decisiveness increases by the day. Doing What Matters by James M Kilts,available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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A Q-and-A with Jim Kilts, Former CEO of Gillette

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What matters is to wear yours with pride. In this second edition, See copyright notice at front Page.

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An analysis of the book doing what matters by james kilt
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