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What they did find, though, was even worse: Paleologos stayed in touch with Harr for several years, but in the end he lost out to Robert Redford and Disney. Today, Grace, Beatrice, and three other property owners are paying for a multimillion-dollar project to clean up East Woburn: In they hired an outside consultant to conduct an engineering study.

He knew Young because the priest had allowed him and Zollo to hold theatrical rehearsals at Trinity Church when they were still high-school students. Jan ends up alone, living in a small apartment and running a small-time law practice.

He was unsuccessful, because the EPA had a court-approved exemption from having to testify in private lawsuits. My mother was diagnosed with cancer inthe year the trial took place; she died two years later, just as the appeals process was heating up. Here are the remains of the well house.

Jan decides to go forward against two giant corporations real-life companies Beatrice Foods and W. I brought to it a clerical collar.

He was diagnosed with leukemia inwhen he was three and a half. Following a day trial, the jury dismissed the case against Beatrice in Julybut ruled that Grace was indeed responsible for polluting the wells. Schlichtmann later files for bankruptcy after losing his condo and car; he lived in his office for a time.

Pressures take their toll, with Jan and his partners going deeply into debt. Today Schlichtmann lives in a seaside mansion in tony Beverly Farms and has achieved, through the cult of celebrity, the riches and acclaim he had always craved.

A report from the Environmental Protection Agency which later filed its own lawsuits against the companies based on new evidence concludes that both companies had contaminated the wells from sludge removed from the site.

Inthen-mayor John Rabbitt ordered it knocked down, during the trial, as a way of dramatizing the fact that the contaminated well water was no longer being used. Schlichtmann gets some revenge-by-proxy in the movie: For years, elected officials and federal investigators had tromped through the city to express concern and to promise change.

He spends lavishly as he had in his prior lawsuits, but the length of the discovery process and trial stretch all of their assets to their limit.

‘A Civil Action’: The real story

The billboards and television ads are inescapable. The families got a few hundred thousand dollars apiece — little compensation for the pain they had suffered, and a long way from the hundreds of millions of dollars Schlichtmann had talked about when he first took their case. He asked their minister, the Reverend Bruce Young, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, to intervene — to talk to her, to try to bring her some sense of peace over what had befallen their family.

Jimmy Anderson would be 30 if he were alive. Even worse, it appeared to me — and, it seemed clear, to Judge Walter Jay Skinner as well — that Pinder had deliberately slanted his testimony to knock down a defense theory that the river, not Beatrice and Grace, had polluted the wells. He allows his pride to take over, making outrageous demands and deciding that he must win at all costs.

Former tannery owner John Riley has always insisted he never used any of the chemicals at issue in the suit. What would happen if the lower figure were used? I think without that story, the Centers for Disease Control, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the state never would have pushed that hard.

Jan Schlichtmann John Travoltaa cocky and successful Boston attorney who zips around town in his Porscheand his small firm of personal injury lawyers are asked by Woburn resident Anne Anderson Kathleen Quinlan to take legal action against those responsible.In the new movie, "A Civil Action," John Travolta, in the role of a flashy Boston personal injury lawyer, makes a momentous decision to take a difficult environmental case as he overlooks a.

For my experiential activity, I watched the movie, A Civil Action (), which is a fact based drama starring John Travolta as personal injury lawyer, Jan Schlichtmann, and the industrial pollution court case he fought on behalf of the residents of Woburn, Massachusettes in the s.

In the Shadow of Woburn. and a decade after A Civil Action made him famous, Jan Schlichtmann is back in the spotlight—this time going after the Turnpike Authority in a half-billion-dollar. Jan Schlichtmann is a cynical, high-priced personal injury attorney who only takes big-money cases he can safely settle out of court.

I pondered this with A Civil Action and decided that especially since it is NEVER on any of the movie channels, I should replace it with a dvd. it educates the viewer as to why most civil litigation is /5(). A Civil Action () Quotes. Showing all 61 items Jan Eight million dollars is a lot of money.

Jan Schlichtmann: I owe them more than that. Al Eustis: What do you owe them? You owe them your career? You owe them that much?

Don't do it, don't go for broke on this one. Jan Schlichtmann is a cynical, high-priced personal injury attorney who only takes big-money cases he can safely settle out of court.

Though his latest case at first appears straightforward, Schlichtmann soon becomes entangled in an epic legal battle one where he's willing to put his career, reputation, and all that he owns on the line for the rights of his clients!4/5(5).

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A civil action jan schlichtmann money
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