2 to what extent were bismarck

As it was not possible to launch the aircraft it had become a fire hazard, and was pushed overboard.

European History

The friendship with both, Bismarck hoped, would reduce tensions between both over the Balkans. At this point, Denmark looked to the European powers for military support but received none. The cruiser laid a smoke screen and fled into a fog bank, ending the brief engagement. By the time the mistake had been discovered, Bismarck had put a sizeable gap between herself and the British ships.

Most British forces were not close enough to stop her. He gave the order for the guns to fire independently, but by Intended to boost morale, the messages only highlighted the desperate situation in which the crew found itself.

This was a difficult task as Austria and Russia were rivals in the Balkans. The episode resulted in a German diplomatic defeat as Russia backed a British protest to Berlin.

Bismarck had succeeded in making Prussia in control of all-important decisions. Eighteen bombers were dispatched to attack the Germans, but weather over the fjord had worsened and they were unable to find the German warships. Somerville ordered an attack as soon as the Swordfish returned and were rearmed with torpedoes.

Franco-Prussian war Through the course of the Austrian-Prussian war, Bismarck made a territorial agreement with France in turn for neutrality, but he never intended on keeping his part of the deal. Two heavy cruisers maintain contact.

Rebels forced rulers to accept Constitutions, and allow elections to the German National Assembly in Frankfurt.


Geographically Germany was between large military powers. The harsh weather broke on the morning of 24 May, revealing a clear sky. In after attempts to impose reforms on the Turkish Empire failed, the Russo-Turkish war broke out.

The two ships would not be ready for action until July or August. After this treaty the French people had sour feelings towards Germany. The colonies in total were about five times the size of Germany. Strengthened the Catholic party and coalesced all anti-Bismarck people into supporters of the Catholic party 24 How did the Kulturkampf create division within Government?

He did not want to disturb the balance of power in Europe.

Guns malfunctioned on the recently commissioned British ship, which still had civilian technicians aboard. The treaty proposed the creation of a big Bulgaria.

This pressure was driven by hopes of vast wealth, prestige and a channel for German emigration.To what extent was Bismarck responsible for the unification of Germany? Words | 7 Pages unification of a Kleindeutsch (small Germany) took place in.

‘to What Extent Were Bismarck's Short-Term Solutions to German Diplomacy, Setting the Stage for Long Term Problems? Otto Bismarck was the shining leader of the shining Germany during the years I want to learn about Bismarck's alliances and treaties such as the Reinsurance Treaty and the Triple Alliance and how they kept peace in the.

otto von Bismarck.

There were several different types of people located in Germany, all of them containing different views on the how the Empire should be ruled. Bismarck was apart of the Junkers or upper class, who supported militarism, and didn't like universal suffrage because it was a threat on their way of life.

So to what extent was Bismarck responsible? Were his achievements exaggerated? The focus in this dissertation is to analyse the significance of Bismarck's role in engineering the unification of Germany.

There were five powers in Europe: Germany, Britain, France, Austria and Russia. France was bitter at her loss in the recent war and Britain did not wish to get involved in European affairs. A resurgent France, powerful and allied to .

2 to what extent were bismarck
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